Author Joe Hill at Granite State Comicon

I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Hill (real name: Joseph Hillstrom King) this past weekend at the Granite State Comicon in Manchester, NH (that’s him on the right and yours truly on the left). Hill is the author of the novels Horns and Heart Shaped Box, and in case you hadn’t already noticed the … Continue reading »


UR by Stephen King – Horror Novella Review

Format: Kindle Publisher: Storyville, LLC via Amazon Digital Services Publication Year: 2009 This was another first for me. Stephen King’s novella UR is available only as an ebook for the Kindle or an audio book. This makes sense, actually, because a Kindle is actually one of the main characters. I’m a Nook user, though, so … Continue reading »


Stephen King Announces His Next Book: “11/22/63″

Good Lord! He’s written another one? I have been a Stephen King fan since the late 70s. An announcement in Starlog or Fangoria magazine that King’s book The Stand was going to be made into a film by that Night of the Living Dead guy George Romero sent me running to Friar Tuck Books (a … Continue reading »


10 Things Stephen King Knows About The Stand Remake

The Stand was my first Stephen King novel and it remains one of my favorite books of all time. The 1994 mini-series did a respectable job of bringing King’s apocalyptic tale to life, but this news I’m hearing of a theatrical remake is giving me a rash. Early signs of Captain Trips perhaps? At any … Continue reading »

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