The Majorettes by John Russo – Horror Novel Review

Format: Musty old mass market paperback Publisher: Pocket Books Publication Year: 1979 I tackled John Russo’s 1979 slasher novel The Majorettes as an experiment. I had first read and enjoyed the book around 1980 or so and I wanted to see how well it had held up. I was initially attracted back in the day … Continue reading »


Ultimate Zombie Poster

This has more to do with film than fiction, although World War Z gets a mention in there. Still here’s a pretty cool little image I found wandering the zombie infested wastelands of the interwebs. It incorporates every zombie movie you’ve ever heard of as well as quite a few you haven’t I daresay. The … Continue reading »


The Werewolf Vs. Vampire Woman by Arthur N. Scarm – Book Review

Format: Musty old paperback Publisher: Guild-Hartford Publishing Publication Year: 1972 The fascinating thing about this one isn’t that it’s the worst written piece of horror fiction on the planet, although make no mistake, it is. No, the oddest thing here is that this is a movie tie-in paperback, a type of book that usually means … Continue reading »

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