“Frankenstein Lives Again” by Donald F. Glut – Horror Novel Review

Format: NookBook, Kindle, and other digital formats Publisher: Pulp 2.0 Press Publication Year: 197? I sooooo wanted to like this one. While I’ve never been able to slog through Mary Shelly’s original novel, I’ve long been a fan of the many incarnations of Frankenstein. From the moody black and white of the Universal classics, through … Continue reading »


Don Glut’s “New Adventures of Frankenstein” Series to be Released in ebook Formats

The New Adventures of Frankenstein was a series of horror adventure novels written by Don Glut in the early 1970s. Pulp 2.0 is going to be reissuing them in ebook format starting with the series’ first installment Frankenstein Lives Again. The press release at the above link says the book will be available for Kindle, … Continue reading »

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