Zombies: The Recent Dead, Edited by Paula Guran, ANTHOLOGY REVIEW Part 4

Format: NOOKbook Publisher: Prime Books Publication Year: 2010 “Dating Secrets of the Dead” by David Prill was a learning experience for me. It taught me that there’s a horror sub-sub-genre that I’m not particularly fond of: zombie romance. Maybe I’m just being old fashioned about this but vampires don’t sparkle and zombies don’t go a … Continue reading »


Beware by Richard Laymon – Horror Novel Review

Format: NOOKbook Publisher: Dorchester Publishing Publication Year: 2008 Original Publication Year: 1985 I’m always a bit behind when it comes to latching onto popular trends. I didn’t develop a taste for grunge music until long after the form had died out, and I didn’t start watching Battlestar Galactica until the show had been off the … Continue reading »


Zombies: The Recent Dead, Edited by Paula Guran, Part 3

Format: NOOKbook Publisher: Prime Books Publication Year: 2010 When you’re a kid a lot of things are scary, so by telling his story “Naming of Parts” from the perspective of a 12-year-old named Jack, Lebbon reminds the reader how disturbing things that go bump in the night can be for a pre-teen. Jack lives in … Continue reading »


Zombies: The Recent Dead, Edited by Paula Guran – Book Review, Part 1

Format: NOOKbook Publisher: Prime Books Publication Year: 2010 In his introduction to this anthology of zombie stories David J. Schow, like so many before him, goes on about the symbolism and inner meaning of George Romero’s zombie films. Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead are two of the greatest horror films … Continue reading »


The Manitou – The Original Ending

Not long after I posted my review of Graham Masterton’s The Manitou I surfed on over to the author’s official site and made an interesting discovery. The published ending to the novel was not how Masterton had originally envisioned wrapping up his story, and you can read the original version here or you can download … Continue reading »


The Manitou by Graham Masterton – Book Review

Format: NOOKBook Publisher: ereads.com Publication Year: 1975 First of all, despite what you may believe, “Manitou” is not the plural of “manatee” (Thank you! I’ll be here all week!). I decided to give this one a spin after reading Will Errickson’s review on his excellent Too Much Horror Fiction blog. I remembered a magazine article … Continue reading »


Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines – Book Review

Format: NOOKBook Publisher: Permuted Press Publication Year: 2010 I discovered this fun little super hero/zombie mash up novel when author Peter Clines was interviewed on the Pod of Horror podcast. His inspiration sprang from his disappointment with the Marvel Zombies series of graphic novels. He didn’t like the idea of the heroes becoming zombies but … Continue reading »

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