A Lovecraft Knot? Oh R’lyeh?

Shamelessly swiped from Collegehumor.com, I’m looking forward to my next formal affair so I can give this a try. Click on the image for a closer look.

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  1. DeBT says:

    I thought you’d like this piece of imagined Lovecraft Children’s stories I just recently posted here:

  2. ScaryTrue says:

    Lovecraft was one of the best horror writers but for some reason it’s so much fun to see things like this or Cthulhu plush dolls. I hope old H.P. wouldn’t mind.

  3. admin says:

    Hard to say. From what I understand Lovecraft was a pretty odd duck and I don’t think he had much of a sense of humor. Still, I agree that Cthulhu plush dolls are pretty cool. The juxtaposition of something so undeniably evil with something so gosh darn cuddly is comedic gold.

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