Should We Judge This Book By Its Cover?

Brian Keene's Urban Gothic Author Brian Keene has just announced over at his official blog that Urban Gothic, one of his novels previously published under the late lamented Leisure Horror banner is now back in print through Deadite Press. I haven’t read the book (though I’ve enjoyed several of Keene’s other works) so I can’t say which, if either, of the above covers better represents the novel, but I find the striking contrast in styles quite interesting. The cover of the Leisure mass market paperback on the left was presumably designed not to offend Aunt Gertrude who bought her Harlequin Romances from the same spinner rack, but it does have a nice quiet eeriness. The new trade paperback cover from Deadite Press on the right is obviously aimed at the hardcore horror crowd and leaves no doubt as to what the reader is getting him or herself into. Two very different approaches to selling the same book.

Deadite is also offering Keene’s Jack’s Magic Beans and Clickers II in trade paperback, and all three books will be available in digital formats shortly.

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  1. Michael Henderson says:

    This is very interesting, as I have the same dilemma, leading me to your blog. I put a short novel in Amazon Kindle store, and I think the cover has given me more fits than anything. What element of the story should be on the cover? What colors? It’s driving me nuts.

    With regard to the two shown in your blog, I might buy the book on the left, but not the one on the right. How can they both represent the book? The one on the left does, as you say, portray a quiet eeriness, while the one on the right says to me “gratuitous gore.”

  1. Rediscovering Horror Fiction » Should We Judge This Book By Its Cover? Part 2 says:

    […] again soon through Deadite Press. As I did with Deadite’s re-release of Keene’s novel Urban Gothic, I thought it would be fun to show the book’s original cover side by side with the new one. […]

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