“Zombies: The Recent Dead”, Edited by Paula Guran, ANTHOLOGY REVIEW Part 6

Zombies: The Recent Dead by Paula GuranMax Brooks is, of course, the author of the bestselling books World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, and The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead. Combine this with the fact that his father Mel Brooks wrote and directed Young Frankenstein, and you see why this guy has some serious street cred with us horror geeks.

The book World War Z consisted of first hand accounts of the survivors of a global zombie outbreak that nearly destroyed mankind. “The Great Wall: A story from the Zombie War” takes place in that same world, and I’m not clear if this is a newly written piece or something that didn’t make the final cut of the book. The story’s interviewee, Liu Huafeng, was an average citizen of China until the zombie outbreak. To protect her country from the massive hordes of walking dead, she and a veritable army of her countrymen risk their lives in a desperate attempt to reinforce the Great Wall of China.

It’s a pretty short tale, but it’s written with the same stark realism and level of detail that made World War Z so believable. There have been talks of a movie adaptation for awhile now, so hopefully this will satiate your appetite for Brooksian zombies until then.

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