Deadworld – Self-Published Horror ebook Available From Bryan Smith

Deadworld by Bryan Smith

Self-published ebook from Bryan Smith

While perusing the forums at Rue Morgue magazine’s website I came across an announcement from Bryan Smith, author of Depraved , The Killing Kind and Soultaker. While he states that he has no plans to abandon traditional publishing, he is taking a stab at self-publishing an ebook. This “epic novel of apocalyptic horror” is entitled Deadworld (presumably no relation to the zombie comic book series of the same name) and is available for the Kindle for a jaw-dropping $2.99. The book should also be available soon for other formats including The Nook. The novel was written with the intention of publishing it under the banner of the now defunct Leisure Horror line.

The price is certainly attractive, and one complaint I’ve had about ebooks is that the difference in price between printed and digital versions isn’t always as wide as it seems it should be. According to Smith, $2.99 is the lowest an author can charge and still make a 70% royalty. At a lower price the author only makes 35%. Smith has also written about this new venture on his blog where he is also running a contest to design a new logo for his self-published projects.

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