Zombies: The Recent Dead, Edited by Paula Guran, Part 2

ZOMBIES: The Recent Dead by Paula GuranFormat: NOOKbook
Publisher: Prime Books
Publication Year: 2010

The pace slows down a little for “The Things He Said” by Michael Marshall Smith. Again, this is an author I’m not familiar with but the story is worth your time. Our nameless narrator recalls a few sparse words of advice his father imparted upon him and uses them to survive in his cabin in the woods after the zombie plague strikes. Much of the story details his rigidly structured day, suggesting that OCD in the face of the walking dead might not be a bad thing. Smith makes an interesting move by writing a zombie story in which no zombies actually appear, but as we all know in situations like these there’s just as much if not more to fear from the living as the dead. It’s a good read, and with two stories down I haven’t hit a clunker yet. Up next is “Naming of Parts” by Tim Lebbon.

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